Articles 2018


  • Congestion analysis of unsignalized intersections: The impact of impatience and Markov platooning
    Abhishek, Boon, M., Mandjes, M. & Nunez-Queija, R., European Journal of Operational Research, 273, pp 1026-1035

  • The quantum technologies roadmap: a European community view

    Acín, A., Bloch, I., Buhrman, H., Calarco, T., Eichler, C., Eisert, J., Esteve, D., New Journal of Physics 20(8)

  • A queueing system with vacations after a random amount of work

    Adan, I., Boxma, O., Claeys, D. & Kella, O., SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics (78)3, pp 1697-1711

  • An efficient algorithm for the 1D total visibility-index problem
    Afshani, P., de Berg, M., Casanova, H., Karsin, B., Lambrechts, C., Sitchinavas, N. & Tsirogiannis, C. Journal of Experimental Algorithmics 23, pp 2.3:1–2.3:23

  • Connected realizations of joint-degree matrices
    Amanatidis, G., Green, B., & Mihail, M., Discrete Applied Mathematics (2018)

  • Exact Algorithms for Terrain Guarding
    Ashok, P., Fomin, F.V., Kolay, S., Saurabh, S., Zehavi, M., ACM Transactions on Algorithms 14(2), pp. 25:1-25:20

  • Exact and FPT Algorithms for Max-Conflict Free Coloring in Hypergraphs
    Ashok, P., Dudeja, A., Kolay, S., Siam Journal on Discrete Mathematics 32(2), pp 1189-1208
  • Sharper upper bounds for unbalanced uniquely decodable code pairs

    Austrin, P., Kaski, P., Koivisto, M. & Nederlof, J., IEEE Transactions on Information Theory (64)2, pp 1368-1373

  • Analysis of random walks in dynamic random environments via L2-perturbations

    Avena, L., Blondel, O. & Faggionato, A., Stochastic Processes and their Applications 128(10), pp 3490-3530

  • Explicit LDP for a slowed RW driven by a symmetric exclusion process,

    Avena, L., Jara, M. & Voellering, F., Probability Theory and Related Fields 171(3-4), pp 865-915
  • Two applications of random spanning forests

    Avena, L. & Gaudilliere, A., Journal of Theoretical Probability 31(4), pp 1975-2004

  • A proof of the transfer-current theorem in absence of reversibility

    Avena, L., & Gaudillière, A., Statistics and Probability Letters 142, pp 17–22

  • Mixing times of random walks on dynamic configuration models
    Avena, L., Güldaş, H., van der Hofstad, R. & den Hollander, F., The Annals of Applied Probability, 28(4), pp 1977-2002
  • Intertwining wavelets or multiresolution analysis on graphs through random forests

    Avena, L., Castell, F., Gaudillière, A. & Mélot, C., Applied and Computational Harmonic Analysis

  • Random Forests and Networks Analysis

    Avena, L., Castell, F., Gaudillière, A. & Mélot, C., Journal of Statistical Physics 173(3-4),  pp 985–1027

  • New Tools and Connections for Exponential-Time Approximation
    Bansal, N., Chalermsook, P., Laekhanukit, B., Nanongkai, D. & Nederlof, J.Algorithmica, online first, pp 1-17
  • Tight bounds for double coverage against weak adversaries
    Bansal, N., Elias, M., Jez, L., Koumoutsos, G. & Pruhs, K., Theory of Computing Systems 62(2), 2018, pp 349-365
  • Faster space-efficient algorithms for subset sum, k -sum, and related problems

    Bansal, N., Garg, S., Nederlof, J. & Vyas, N., SIAM Journal on Computing (47)5, pp 1755-1777

  • On the Lovász Theta function for independent sets in sparse graphs
    Bansal, N., Gupta, A. & Guruganesh, G.,  SIAM Journal on Computing (47)3, pp 1039-1055

  • Achievable Performance of Blind Policies in Heavy Traffic
    Bansal, N., Kamphorst, B. & Zwart, B., Mathematics of Operations Research 43(3), pp 949-964

  • Finding pairwise intersections inside a query range

    de Berg, M., Gudmundsson, J. & Mehrabi, A.D., Algorithmica 80, pp 3253–3269

  • Faster algorithms for computing plurality points

    de Berg, M., Gudmundsson, J. & Mehr, M., ACM Transactions on Algorithms 14, pp 36:1–36:23

  • The Dominating Set Problem in Geometric Intersection Graphs

    de Berg, M., Kisfaludi-Bak, S., Woeginger. G.J., TCS (2018)

  • Independent-set reconfiguration thresholds of hereditary graph classes

    de Berg, M., Jansen, B.M.P. & Mukherjee, D., Discrete Applied Mathematics (250), pp 165-182

  • Torsional rigidity for cylinders with a Brownian fracture
    Berg, M. van den & den Hollander, F., Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society (50)2, pp 321-339
  • Torsional rigidity for regions with a Brownian boundary

    Berg, M. van den, Bolthausen, E. & den Hollander, F., Potential Analysis 48(3), pp 375-403

  • Annealed scaling for a charged polymer in dimensions two and higher
    Berger, Q., den Hollander, F. & Poisat, J., Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 51(5)
  • The multiplicative coalescent, inhomogeneous continuum random trees, and new universality classes for critical random graphs

    Bhamidi, S., van der Hofstad, R.W. & Sen, S., Probability Theory and Related Fields, pp 387-474

  • Hidden Markov Models for wind farm power output
    Bhaumik, D., Crommelin, D., Kapodistria, S. & Zwart, B., IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy 10(2), pp 533-539
  • Controlling the time discretization bias for the supremum of brownian motion
    Bisewski, K., Crommelin, D., & Mandjes, M., ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation 28(3)

  • A faster parameterized algorithm for Pseudoforest Deletion
    Bodlaender, H.L., Ono, H.,  & Otachi, Y., Discrete Applied Mathematics 236, 2018, pp 42-56
  • Degree-constrained orientation of maximum satisfaction: graph classes and parameterized complexity
    Bodlaender, H.L., Ono, H., & Otachi, Y., Algorithmica, 80(7), pp 2160-2180
  • Lace expansion for dummies

    Bolthausen, E., van der Hofstad, R. & Kozma, G., Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré (B) : Probabilités et Statistiques, 54(1), pp 141-153

  • Networks of fixed-cycle intersections

    Boon, M.A.A. & van Leeuwaarden, J.S.H., Transportation Research Part B: Methodological (117), pp 254-271

  • Polling: Past, present and perspective
    Borst, S. & Boxma, O., TOP 26(3) pp 335-369
  • Rejoinder on: Polling : past, present, and perspective

    Borst, S. & Boxma, O., TOP 26(3) pp 381-382

  • Fluid flow models in performance analysis

    Boxma, O. & Zwart, A.P., Computer Communications 131, pp 22-25

  • Linear stochastic fluid networks: rare-event simulation and Markov modulation

    Boxma, O., Cahen, E.J., Koops, D. & Mandjes, M., Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability, June 2018, 29 p.

  • The dual risk model with dividends taken at arrival

    Boxma, O. & Frostig, E., Insurance: Mathematics and Economics (83), pp 83-92

  • Gaussian width bounds with applications to arithmetic progressions in random settings

    Briët, J., & Gopi, S, International Mathematics Research Notices, 2018

  • Sparse Selfreducible Sets and Nonuniform Lower Bounds
    Buhrman, H., Torenvliet, L., Unger, F.P., & Vereshchagin, N.K., Algorithmica, 1–22 (2018)
  • The Case for Quantum Software

    Buhrman, H. & van de Pavert, F., ERCIM NEWS, pp 34-35

  • Catalytic space: non-determinism and hierarchy

    Buhrman, H.,Koucký, M., Loff, B. & Speelman, F., Theory of Computing Systems 62(1), pp 116-135

  • The three parts of Juraj
    Buhrman, H., In: Böckenhauer, H.-J., Komm, D. & Unger, W., Adventures Between Lower Bounds and Higher Altitudes: Essays Dedicated to Juraj Hromkovič on the Occasion of His 60th Birthday (Lecture notes in computer science, No. 11011), Springer, 2018

  • Estimating large delay probabilities in two correlated queues
    Cahen, E.J., Mandjes, M., & Zwart, B., ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation, 28(1)

  • Diameter in ultra-small scale-free random graphs 

    Caravenna, F., Garavaglia, A. & van der Hofstad, R., Random Structures and Algorithms
  • A unifying framework for fast randomization of ecological networks with fixed (node) degrees

    Carstens, C.J., Berger, A., & Strona, G., MethodsX, 5, pp 773-780

  • Ultrahigh throughput indoor infrared wireless communication system enabled by a cascaded aperture optical receiver fabricated on InP membrane

    Cao, Z., Jiao, Y., Shen, L., Zhao, X., Stabile, R., Van Der Tol, J. & Koonen, A.M.J., Journal of Lightwave Technology (36)1, pp 57-67

  • Spatial mean-field limits for ultra-dense random-access networks
    Cecchi, F., Borst, S.C., van Leeuwaarden, J.S.H. & Whiting, P.A., ACM SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review (45)3, 2018, pp 123-136
  • Excluding hooks and their complements

    Choromansy, K., Falik, D,., Liebenau, A., Patel, V. & Pilipczuk, M., The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics  25(3), 2018, Paper 3.27

  • Reaction–Diffusion models: From particle systems to SDE’s

    da Costa, R., Freitas Paulo da Costa, B. & Jara, M., Stochastic Processes and their applications, available online 26 December 2018

  • Fast Hamiltonicity checking via bases of perfect matchings

    Cygan, M., Kratsch, S. & Nederlof, J., Journal of the ACM (65)3, pp 1-46

  • Corrected mean-field model for random sequential adsorption on random geometric graphs
    Dhara, S., van Leeuwaarden, J.S.H. & Mukherjee, D., Journal of Statistical Physics (173)3-4, pp 872-894
  • Large deviations for the annealed ising model on inhomogeneous random graphs : spins and degrees.

    Dommers, S., Giardinà, C., Giberti, C. & van der Hofstad, R., Journal of Statistical Physics, 173(3-4), pp 1045-1081

  • Higher order corrections for anisotropic bootstrap percolation
    Duminil-Copin, H., van Enter, A.C.D. & Hulshof, T.Probability Theory and Related Fields, 172(1-2), pp 191-243

  • Networks of infinite-server queues with multiplicative transitions
    Fiems, D., Mandjes, M., & Patch, B., Performance Evaluation, 123-124 (2018), pp 35-49
  • Multiformat wired and wireless signals over large-core plastic fibers for in-home network
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  • From trees to graphs : collapsing continuous-time branching processes

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  • Special issue of Journal of Statistical Physics devoted to complex networks - editorial
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  • Covariance structure behind breaking of ensemble equivalence

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  • Synchronization of phase oscillators on the hierarchical lattice

    Garlaschelli, D., den Hollander, F., Meylahn, J. & Zeegers, B., Journal of Statistical Physics (2018)

  • A strategic model of job arrivals to a single machine with earliness and tardiness penalties

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  • The switch Markov chain for sampling irregular graphs and digraphs

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  • The hierarchical Cannings process in random environment

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  • On the number of touching pairs in a set of planar curves

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  • Cluster tails for critical power-law inhomogeneous random graphs
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  • Mesoscopic scales in hierarchical configuration models
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  • Ensemble equivalence for dense graphs
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  • Metastability of hard-core dynamics on bipartite graphs

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  • On unrooted and root-uncertain variants of several well-known phylogenetic network problems

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  • Analysis of Mx/G/1 queues with impatient customers

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  • Approximation and kernelization for chordal vertex deletion

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  • Spitzer's identity for discrete random walks
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  • Membrane-based receiver/transmitter for reconfigurable optical wireless beam-steering systems
    Jiao, Y., Cao, Z., Shen, L., van der Tol, J.J.G.M. & Koonen, A.M.J., IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics (24)1

  • Tight inefficiency bounds for perception-parameterized affine congestion games

    Kleer, P.S., & Schäfer, G., Theoretical Computer Science, April 2018

  • High-capacity optical wireless communication using 2-dimensional IR beam steering
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  • Infinite-server queues with Hawkes input
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  • The tautological ring of Mg,n via Pandharipande-Pixton-Zvonkine r-spin relations

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  • Analysis of perfect sampling methods for hard-sphere models
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  • The stochastic programming heritage of Maarten van der Vlerk

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  • Asymptotically optimal load balancing topologies
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  • Universality of Power-of-d Load Balancing in Many-Server Systems

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  • Transient provisioning and performance evaluation for cloud computing platforms: A capacity value approach

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  • Computing the Number of Induced Copies of a Fixed Graph in a Bounded Degree Graph
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  • Delta probing policies for redundancy
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  • Building 5G millimeter-wave wireless infrastructure: wide-scan focal plane arrays with broadband optical beamforming
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  • Occupation times for the finite buffer fluid queue with phase-type ON-times
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  • Occupation times of alternating renewal processes with Lévy applications
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  • The intrinsic vulnerability of networks to epidemics

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  • 138-Tbit/s mode- and wavelength-multiplexed transmission over six-Mode graded-index fiber
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