Workshops and Conferences

  • A guided tour through random media

    Location: Eurandom Eindhoven

    Date: 12-16 December 2016

    Organizers: Marek Biskup (UCLA), Aernout van Enter (RU Groningen), Remco van der Hofstad (TU Eindhoven), Frank Redig (TU Delft).

    Number of participants: 65


  • YEQT X: Queueing Theory in Operations Research

    Location: Eurandom Eindhoven

    Date: 7-9 November 2016

    Organizers: Jan-Pieter Dorsman (University of Amsterdam and Leiden University), Britt Mathijsen

    (Eindhoven University of Technology), Galit Yom-Tov (Technion)

    Number of participants: 67


  • PACE 2016

    Location: Aarhus, Denmark
    Date: 1 March 2016 - 26 August 2016
    Organizers: Holger Dell, Thore Husfeldt, Bart M. P. Jansen, Petteri Kaski,
    Christian Komusiewicz, and Frances A. Rosamond

    Number of participants: 230


  • 2016 International Workshop on Structure in Graphs and Matroids

    Location: Eurandom, Eindhoven

    Date: 25-29 July 2016

    Organizers: Stefan van Zwam (Louisiana State University), Rudi Pendavingh (TU Eindhoven)

    Number of participants: 56


  • 8th Workshop on Flexible Network Design

    Location: VU, Amsterdam

    Date: 4-8 July 2016

    Organizer: Leen Stougie

    Number of participants: 81


  • Metastability in statistical mechanics and stochastic processes

    Location: Eurandom, Eindhoven

    Date: 18-22 April 2016

    Organizers: Roberto Fernandez (Utrecht University), Francesca Nardi (TU Eind-
    hoven) and Julien Sohier (University of Creteil).

    Number of participants: 45


  • Fixed-Parameter Computational Geometry

    Location: Lorentz Center@Oort, Leiden
    Date: 4-8 April 2016

    Organizers: Mark de Berg (TU/e), Hans Bodlaender (UU), Michael Fellows (Darwin, NT, Australia), Christian Knauer (Bayreuth, Germany)

    Number of participants: 55

  • Simulation of rare events

    Location: Eurandom, Eindhoven

    Date: 29 March - 1 April 2016

    Organizers: Pieter-Tjerk de Boer University of Twente, Daan Crommelin University of Amsterdam/CWI, Michel Mandjes University of Amsterdam, Adrian Muntean Karlstad University

    Number of participants: 69

  • BeNeLux Mathematical Congress

    Location: University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Science, Science Park 904, 1098 XH Amsterdam
    Date: 22-23 March 2016
    Organizers: Herman te Riele (CWI), Sonja Cox (UvA), André Ran (VU)

    Number of participants: 290


  • YEP XIII: Large Deviations for Interacting Particle Systems and Partial Differential Equations

    Location: EURANDOM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
    Date: 7-11 March 2016.
    Organizers: Luca Avena (Leiden University), Roberto Fernandez (Utrecht University) and Francesca R. Nardi (TU Eindhoven).

    Number of participants: 44


  • Quantum Random Walks & Quantum Algorithms

    Location: Lorentz Center, Leiden
    Date: 7-11 December 2015
    Organizers: Harry Buhrman (CWI Amsterdam), Frank den Hollander (Leiden University)

    Number of participants: 35


  • WAW 2015

    Location: EURANDOM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    Date: 7-11 December 2015
    Organizers: David F. Gleich (Purdue University), Júlia Komjáthy (Eindhoven University of Technology),  Nelly Litvak (University of Twente), Yana Volkovich (Eurecat - Technology Centre, (School Chair)

    Number of participants: 83


  • YEQT IX: Scaling limits in queueing networks"

    Location: Eurandom Eindhoven

    Date: 11-13 November 2015

    Organizers: Fabio Cecchi (T/U Eindhoven), Rouba Ibrahim (University College London), Florian Simatos (ISAE-Toulouse), Onno Boxma (T/U Eindhoven) – scientific advisor

    Number of participants: 50


  • Robust optimization & Applied probability

    Location: EURANDOM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    Date: 8-10 November 2015
    Organizers: David Goldberg (Georgia Tech), Dick den Hertog (Tilburg University), Johan van Leeuwaarden (TU Eindhoven)

    Number of participants: 14


  • CG Week 2015

    Location: TU Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    Date: 22-25 June 2015
    Organizers: Prof.dr. M. van Kreveld and Prof.dr. B. Speckmann
    Number of participants: 206


  • Scheduling under uncertainty

    Location: EURANDOM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    Date: 1-5 June 2015
    Organizers: Nikhil Bansal (TU/e), Sem Borst (TU/e), Leen Stougie (VU Amsterdam), Gerhard Woeginger (TU/e)

    Number of participants: 75


  • Workshop 'Random Walks on Random Graphs and Applications'

    Location: EURANDOM, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
    Date:14-16 April 2015
    Organizers: Colin Cooper (King’s College, London), Remco van der Hofstad (EURANDOM, TU Eindhoven), Tim Hulshof (TU Eindhoven)

    Number of participants: 60

  • Workshop 'Random Motion in Random Media'

    Location: EURANDOM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    Date:30  March - 2 April 2015
    Organizers: Luca Avena (MI, Leiden University) and Erwin Bolthausen (University of Zürich)

    Number of participants: 46


  • YEP XII Workshop: Random Walks in Random Environment

    Date: March 23 - March 27, 2015
    Location: Eurandom, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
    Organizers: Alexander Drewitz (Columbia University)
    Markus Heydenreich (Universitat Munchen)

    Number of participants: 52


  • TACO day 2015

    Location: EURANDOM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    Date: March 2015
    Organizers: Hans Bodlaender (University Utrecht, TU Eindhoven)
    Number of participants: 30


  • NETWORKS Second off-campus meeting

    On Friday January 30th 2015 the project’s second off-campus meeting was organized, this time at Boerhaave Museum in Leiden. The meeting is meant as a platform for all NETWORKS researchers, to meet each other, to discuss scientific progress, but also to exchange various organizational issues.

  • YEQT VIII "Stochastic Service Systems", 3-5 November 2014

    Location: EURANDOM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    Date: 3-5 November 2014
    Organizers: Ahmad Al Hanbali (UT), Joachim Arts (TU/e), Onno Boxma (TU/e), Peter van de Ven (CWI)

    Number of participants: 14


  • RESIM 2014, 27-29 August 2014

    Location: TInbergen Instituut, Amsterdam
    Date: 27-29 August 2014
    Organizers: Dr. A. RIdder (VU Amsterdam)
    Number of participants: 38

  • NETWORKS Kickoff 20 June 2014

    With the Kickoff event of NETWORKS on June 20th the scientific start of the programme was celebrated in "De Bazel" in Amsterdam.

  • SemStat on Statistical Network Science 2017

    Location: Eurandom Eindhoven

    Date: 7-10 March 2017

    Organizers: Ernst C. Wit (University of Groningen), Remco van der Hofstad (TU/e)

    Number of participants: 52