Workshop 'Random Motion in Random Media'

Location: EURANDOM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Date:30  March - 2 April 2015
Organizers: Luca Avena (MI, Leiden University) and Erwin Bolthausen (University of Zürich)

Number of participants: 46


The study of random motion in random media has been the object of intensive mathematical research over the last forty year. The main motivations originally came from applied fields such as condensed matter, biochemistry and more recently computer science. In the last decade, significant progress have been made and new techniques and research lines have been introduced. This workshop brought together leading researchers from different mathematical schools. The primary goal was to offer an environment fostering the exchange of the most recent ideas, and to highlight the current state of the art in this field.
The workshop was part of the SAM 2015 (Stochastic Activity Month), a month of research activities hosted in Eurandom, consisting of three workshops focusing in theoretical and applied aspects in random media: (1)YEP, (2) Random Motion in Random Media, (3) Random Walks on Random Graphs and Applications.


The workshop consisted of a series of seminars given by invited senior and young leading experts in the field of Random Media.
Every day there were 5 or 6 seminars of 1-hour on a selected topic within this field.
Covered topics included: random walks in static and dynamic random environments, random conductances, reinforced random walks, statistics in random environments.
A detailed description of the schedule and of the content of the seminars is given below.


More information

The programme and abstracts can be found on the webpage of Eurandom