Other presentations 2016


  • Subexponential Time Algorithms for Embedding H-Minor Free Graphs
    H.L. Bodlaender, J. Nederlof, T. van der Zanden. Poster presented at Research Day Department of Computer Science, 3 oktober 2016, Utrecht University.
  • Diameter in ultra-small scale-free random graphs
    A. Garavaglia. Poster presented at Simons Conference on Random Graph Processes, May 9-12 2016, Austin, Texas, USA.
  • Queueing sytems in a random environment: asymptotic analysis and MOL staffing
    Heemskerk, M., van Leeuwaarden J.S.H., Mandjes, M.R.H. Poster presented at European Conference on Queueing Theory, 20 July 2016, Toulouse, France.

  • Data perturbation methods for reliable data-driven decision making
    Kolumbán, S. Poster presented at Data Driven Operations Management workshop, 24-26 October 2016, Eurandom, TU/e, Eindhoven.
  • Low latency optical label switched add-drop node for multi-Tb/s data center interconnect metro networks
    Miao, W., van Weerdenburg, J.J.A., van Uden, R.G.H., de Waardt, H., Koonen, A.M.J., Okonkwo, C.M. & Calabretta, N. poster presented at 42nd European Conference on Optical Communication, ECOC2016, 18-22 September 2016, Düsseldorf, Germany.
  • Robustness of power-law behavior in cascading failure models
    F. Sloothaak. poster presented at Stochastic Networks Conference 2016, 20-24 June 2016, University of California, US.