Articles 2022


  • Approximation Algorithms for Replenishment Problems with Fixed Turnover Times

    Bosman, T., van Ee, M., Jiao, Y., Marchetti-Spaccamela, A., Ravi, R. & Stougie, L., Algorithmica. 84(9), pp 2597-2621

  • Extreme Value Analysis for a Markov Additive Process Driven by a NonirreducibleBackground Chain.  

    van Kreveld, L., Mandjes, M., & Dorsman, J. L. Stochastic Systems 12(3), pp.227-317 


  • In memoriam Gerhard Woeginger 

    Lenstra, J. K., Rendl, F., Spieksma, F. & Uetz, M., Journal of Scheduling 25(5), pp 503-505  

  • Minimizing Travel Time and Latency in Multi-Capacity Ride-Sharing Problems, Luo, K. & Spieksma, F. C. R.,  Algorithms. 15 (2)[30] 
  • Parliament seating assignment problems 

    Vangerven, B., Briskorn, D., Goossens, D. R. & Spieksma, F. C. R.,  European Journal of Operational Research 296(3), pp 914-926 


  • Preclustering Algorithms for Imprecise Points

    Abam, M. A., de Berg, M., Farahzad, S., Haji Mirsadeghi, M. O. & Saghafian, M., Algorithmica. 84(6), pp 1467-1489

  • A project scheduling problem with periodically aggregated resource-constraints 

    Morin, P. A., Artigues, C., Haït, A., Kis, T. & Spieksma, F. C. R.Computers and Operations Research. 141, pp 105688 

  • Recourse in Kidney Exchange Programs 

    Smeulders, B. M. L., Bartier, V., Crama, Y. & Spieksma, F. C. R., INFORMS Journal on Computing 34 (2), pp 1191-1206

  • Spatially inhomogeneous populations with seed-banks: II., Hollander W.T.F. den & Nandan S. (2022),  Clustering regime, Stochastic Processes and their Applications 150, pp 116-146 

  • Steps towards openness and fairness in scientific publishing

    Briët, J, Holmes, D, & Kang, R.J.,  Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde, 5(23), pp 53–55 

  • Switching interacting particle systems: scaling limits, uphill diffusion and boundary layer, Floreani S., Giardinà C., Hollander W.T.F. den, Nandan S. & Redig F. ,  Journal of Statistical Physics 186, pp33