Articles 2022


  • Preclustering Algorithms for Imprecise Points

    Abam, M. A., de Berg, M., Farahzad, S., Haji Mirsadeghi, M. O. & Saghafian, M., Algorithmica. 84(6), pp 1467-1489

  • Functional equations with multiple recursive terms

    Adan, I. J. B. F., Boxma, O. J. & Resing, J. A. C., Queueing Systems 102 (1-2), pp 7-23

  • Linking the mixing times of random walks on static and dynamic random graphs

    Avena L., Güldaş H., Hofstad R. van der, Hollander F. den & Nagy O. , Stochastic Processes and their Applications 153, pp 145-182

  • Loop-erased partitioning of a graph: mean-field analysis
    Avena, L.C.,  Gaudilliere, A., Milanesi, P., Quattropani, M., Electronic Journal of Probability 27, 2022

  • Computing Schematic Layouts for Spatial Hypergraphs on Concentric Circles and Grids

    Bekos, M. A., Dekker, D. J. C., Frank, F., Meulemans, W., Rodgers, P., Schulz, A. & Wessel, S., Computer Graphics Forum. 41(6), pp 316-335

  • Global lower mass-bound for critical configuration models in the heavy-tailed regime

    Bhamidi, S., Dhara, S., van der Hofstad, R. & Sen, S., Electronic Journal of Probability. 27[103], 29 p

  • Filling a Theater During the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Blom, D. A. M. P., Pendavingh, R. A. & Spieksma, F. C. R., INFORMS Journal on Applied Analytics. 52(6) pp 473-484

  • Rejection-proof Kidney Exchange Mechanisms

    Blom, D., Smeulders, B. & Spieksma, F. C. R., CoRR. Abs/2206.11525, pp 1-24

  • Scalable Load Balancing in Networked Systems: A Survey of Recent Advances
    van der Boor, M., Borst, S.C., van Leeuwaarden, J.S.H., Muhkerjee, D., SIAM Review 64(3):554-622

  • Crossover times in bipartite networks with activity constraints and time-varying switching rates
    Borst, S.C., den Hollander, W.T.F., Nardi, F., Taati, S., The Annals of Applied Probability 32(6), p 4279-4314, 2022

  • Approximation Algorithms for Replenishment Problems with Fixed Turnover Times

    Bosman, T., van Ee, M., Jiao, Y., Marchetti-Spaccamela, A., Ravi, R. & Stougie, L., Algorithmica. 84(9), pp 2597-2621

  • A compound Poisson EOQ model for perishable items with intermittent high and low demand periods

    Boxma, O., Perry, D., Stadje, W. & Zacks, S., Annals of Operations Research. 317(2), pp 439-459

  • Peer-to-Peer Lending: a Growth-Collapse Model and its Steady-State Analysis

    Boxma, O., Perry, D. & Stadje, W., Mathematical Methods of Operations Research 96(2), pp 233-258

  • Queueing and risk models with dependencies

    Boxma, O. J. & Mandjes, M. R. H., Queueing Systems. 102 (1-2), pp 69-86

  • Steps towards openness and fairness in scientific publishing

    Briët, J, Holmes, D, & Kang, R.J.,  Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde, 5(23), pp 53–55 

  • Lee–Yang zeros and the complexity of the ferromagnetic Ising model on bounded-degree graphs

    Pjotr Buys, Andreas Galanis, Viresh Patel, Guus Regts

    Forum of Mathematics Sigma 10[ e7], pp 1–43

  • Annealed inhomogeneities in random ferromagnets

    Can, V. H., Giardinà, C., Giberti, C. & van der Hofstad, R., Physical Review E 105(2)[024128], 7 p

  • A recursive Lovász theta number for simplex-avoiding sets"
    Castro-Silva, D, De Oliveira, FM, Slot, L., Vallentin, F., Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 150(8):3307-3322, 2022

  • Large deviation principle for the maximal eigenvalue of inhomogeneous Erdos-Renyi random graphs 

    Chakrabarty A., Hazra R.S., Hollander W.T.F. den & Sfragara M. , Journal of Theoretical Probability 35, pp 2413-2441 

  • Approximate circular pattern matching

    Charalampopoulos, P, Kociumaka, T, Radoszewski, J, Pissis, S, Rytter, W, Waleń, T, & Zuba, W.P., Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics (LIPCS 2022.35), pp 35.1-35.19 

  • On capital allocation for a risk measure derived from ruin theory

    Delsing, G. A., Mandjes, M. R. H., Spreij, P. J. C., & Winands, E. M. M.,. Insurance: Mathematics and Economics 104, pp 76-98

  • Preprocessing for Outerplanar Vertex Deletion: An Elementary Kernel of Quartic Size 

    Donkers, H., Jansen, B. M. P. & Włodarczyk, M., Algorithmica 84 (11), pp 3407-3458

  • Compact 8×8 SOA-Based Optical WDM Space Switch in Generic InP Technology

    Feyisa, D. W., Shi, B., Kraemer, R., Calabretta, N. & Stabile, R.,  Journal of Lightwave Technology 40(19)[9852300], pp 6331-6338  

  • Switching interacting particle systems: scaling limits, uphill diffusion and boundary layer,

    Floreani S., Giardinà C., Hollander W.T.F. den, Nandan S. & Redig F. ,  Journal of Statistical Physics 186, pp33

  • Spatial populations with seed-bank: well-posedness, duality and equilibrium
    Greven, A, den Hollander, W.T.F., Oomen, M., Electronic Journal of Probability 27

  • Self-learning threshold-based load balancing

    Goldsztajn, D., Borst, S. C., van Leeuwaarden, J. S. H., Mukherjee, D. & Whiting, P. A., INFORMS Journal on Computing. 34(1), pp 39-54

  • Parameterless detection of liquid–liquid interfaces with sub-micron resolution in single-molecule localization microscopy

    van der Haven, D. L. H., Tas, R. P., van der Hoorn, W. L. F., van der Hofstad, R. W. & Voets, I. K., Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 620, pp 356-364  

  • Staffing for many-server systems facing non-standard arrival processes

    Heemskerk, M., Mandjes, M., & Mathijsen, B.,  European Journal of Operational Research, 296(3), pp 900-913

  • Phase transition in random intersection graphs with communities

    van der Hofstad, R., Komjáthy, J. & Vadon, V., Random Structures and Algorithms. 60(3), pp 406-461

  • The Parabolic Anderson Model on a Galton-Watson tree revisited
    den Hollander, F and Wang, D, Journal of Statistical Physics 189(1), 2022

  • Sampling from the low temperature Potts model through a Markov chain on flows

    Jeroen Huijben,Viresh Patel,Guus Regts

    Random Structures and Algorithms 62(3) pp 219–239

  • Preprocessing vertex-deletion problems: Characterizing graph properties by low-rank adjacencies 

    Jansen, B. M. P. & de Kroon, J. J. H., Jun , Journal of Computer and System Sciences. 126, pp 59-79  

  • Extreme Value Analysis for a Markov Additive Process Driven by a NonirreducibleBackground Chain. 

    van Kreveld, L., Mandjes, M., & Dorsman, J. L. Stochastic Systems 12(3), pp.293-317 

  • In memoriam Gerhard Woeginger 

    Lenstra, J. K., Rendl, F., Spieksma, F. & Uetz, M., Journal of Scheduling 25(5), pp 503-505  

  • A framework for efficient dynamic routing under stochastically varying conditions

    Levering, N. A. C., Boon, M. A. A., Mandjes, M. R. H., & Nunez Queija, R., Transportation Research. Part B: Methodological 160, pp 97-124

  • Hybrid Integration of VCSEL and 3-μm Silicon Waveguide Based on a Monolithic Lens System

    Li, C., Bhat, S., Stabile, R., Song, Y., Neumeyr, C. & Raz, O., IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology 12(5)[9736950], pp 883-886

  • Minimizing Travel Time and Latency in Multi-Capacity Ride-Sharing Problems

    Luo, K. & Spieksma, F. C. R.,  Algorithms. 15 (2)[30]

  • A numerical approach to evaluating the transient distribution of a quasi birth-death process

    Mandjes, M., & Sollie, B., Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability, 24(3), pp 1693-1715

  • A project scheduling problem with periodically aggregated resource-constraints 

    Morin, P. A., Artigues, C., Haït, A., Kis, T. & Spieksma, F. C. R.,  Computers and Operations Research. 141, pp 105688

  • Spatially inhomogeneous populations with seed-banks: II., Hollander W.T.F. den & Nandan S. (2022),  Clustering regime, Stochastic Processes and their Applications 150, pp 116-146 
  • Continuous assortment optimization with logit choice probabilities under incomplete information

    Peeters, Y., den Boer, A. V., & Mandjes, M. Operations Research, 70(3), pp 1613-1628

  • Rectangular tile covers of 2D-strings

    Radoszewski, J, Rytter, W, Straszyński, J, Waleń, T, & Zuba, W.P., Leibniz International Proceedings in Informatics (LIPCS 2022.23), pp 23.1- 23.14

  • Design and Analysis of Novel O-Band Low Polarization Sensitive SOA Co-Integrated With Passive Waveguides for Optical Systems

    Rasoulzadehzali, A., Stabile, R. & Calabretta, N., IEEE Photonics Journal 14(5)[ 8451110], 10 p

  • Design and Fabrication of Low Polarization Dependent Bulk SOA Co-Integrated with Passive Waveguides for Optical Network Systems

    Rasoulzadehzali, A., Kleijn, S., Augustin, L., Tessema, N. M., Prifti, K., Stabile, R. & Calabretta, N., Journal of Lightwave Technology 40(4)[9616381], pp 1083-1091

  • The role of inter-regional mobility in forecasting SARS-CoV-2 transmission

    Schoot Uiterkamp, M. H. H., Gösgens, M., Heesterbeek, H., van der Hofstad, R. & Litvak, N., Journal of the Royal Society Interface 19(193)[ 20220486], 17 p

  • Emulation and modelling of semiconductor optical amplifier-based all-optical photonic integrated deep neural network with arbitrary depth

    Shi, B., Calabretta, N. & Stabile, R., Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering 2(3)[034010], 16 p

  • InP photonic integrated multi-layer neural networks: Architecture and performance analysis

    Shi, B., Calabretta, N. & Stabile, R., APL Photonics 7(1)[ 01080112], 12 p

  • Recourse in Kidney Exchange Programs

    Smeulders, B. M. L., Bartier, V., Crama, Y. & Spieksma, F. C. R., INFORMS Journal on Computing 34 (2), pp 1191-1206

  • A Working memory performance is associated with functional connectivity between the right dlPFC and DMN in glioma patients

    Smolders, L., De Baene, W., Rutten, G-J., van der Hofstad, R. W. & Florack, L. M. J., Journal of Neuro-Oncology 24, Supplement 2, pp ii24  
  • Efficient evaluation of stochastic traffic flow models using Gaussian process approximation
    Storm, P.J., Mandjes, M.R.H., van Arem, B., Transportation Research Part B Methodological 164(4):126-144, 2022

  • Parliament seating assignment problems 

    Vangerven, B., Briskorn, D., Goossens, D. R. & Spieksma, F. C. R.,  European Journal of Operational Research 296(3), pp 914-926