Lectures 2020


  •  Redundancy scheduling. Boxma, OInvited lecture in ITC32 (Osaka)


  •  Approximation Algorithms for Replenishment Problems with Fixed Turnover Times., Stougie, L., Seminar on SchedulingSchloss Dagstuhl, Germany  

  • Complex Networks,  van der Hofstad, R.W., den Hollander, F., lecturer at Spring School 2020: TU Darmstadt

  • Mathematical theory of Complex Networks". Avena, L., Visiting Professorship Scuola IMT Alti Studi Lucca, Lucca, Italy.   

  • Node immunization in networks: a scalable searching algorithm based on random rooted forests, Avena, L., Mathematics Department, Universidad Federal de Bahia, Salvador, Brazil.

  • Mixing time for RW on dynamic configuration model, Avena, L. Workshop on Spectra, Algorithms and Random Walks on Random Networks, CIRM Marseille,France.