Articles 2023


  • Subquadratic algorithms for some 3SUM-hard geometric problems in the algebraic decision-tree model
    Aronov, B., de Berg, M., Cardinal, J., Ezra, E., Iacono, J. & Sharir, M., Computational Geometry. 109, 101945.
  • A Note on Reachability and Distance Oracles for Transmission Graphs
    de Berg, M., Computing in Geometry and Topology. 2(1), p. 4:1 - 4:15
  • Clique-Based Separators for Geometric Intersection Graphs

    de Berg, M., Kisfaludi-Bak, S., Monemizadeh, M. & Theocharous, L., Algorithmica. 85 (6), p. 1652-1678

  • An ETH-Tight Exact Algorithm for Euclidean TS
    de Berg, M.T., Bodlaender, H.L., Kisfaludi-Bak, S. Kolay, S., SIAM Journal on Computing 52(3), p740-760
  • Finding Diverse Minimum s-t Cuts
    Berg, M. D., Martínez, A. L. & Spieksma, F. C. R., CoRR. abs/2303.07290

  • Constructing phylogenetic networks via cherry picking and machine learning article
    Bernardini, G., van Iersel, L.J.J., Julien, E. and Stougie, L., Algorithms for Molecular Biology, 18(1)

  • A decomposition for Lévy processes inspected at Poisson moments
    Boxma, O. & Mandjes, M., Journal of Applied Probability. 60, 2, p. 557-569

  • A dual risk model with additive and proportional gains: ruin probability and dividends
    Boxma, O., Frostig, E. & Palmowski, Z., Advances in Applied Probability. 55, 2, p. 549-58

  • On fluctuation-theoretic decompositions via Lindley-type recursions
    Boxma, O., Kella, O. & Mandjes, M., Stochastic Processes and their Applications. 165, p. 316-336

  • Stationary analysis of an (R, Q) inventory model with normal and emergency orders
    Boxma, O., Perry, D. & Stadje, W.,  Journal of Applied Probability. 60, 1, p. 106-126

  • A sample-path large deviation principle for dynamic Erdős–Rényi random graphs
    Braunsteins, P; Den Hollander, F and Mandjes, M, The Annals of Applied Probability 33(4), pp.3278-3320, 2023
  • The Cramér-Lundberg model with a fluctuating number of clients
    Braunsteins, P and Mandjes, M, Insurance Mathematics & Economics 112, p 1-22, 2023

  • Packing list-colorings. Random Structures and Algorithms
    Cambie, S., Cames van Batenburg, W., Davies, E., & Kang, R. J. (Accepted/In press).

  • Regular Turán numbers and some Gan–Loh–Sudakov-type problems
    Cambie, S., de Joannis de Verclos, R., & Kang, R. J. Journal of Graph Theory, 102(1), 67-85

  • State-Dependent Estimation of Delay Distributions in Fork-Join Networks

    Carmeli, N., Yom-Tov, G. B. & Boxma, O. J., Manufacturing and Service Operations Management. 25, 3, p. 1081-1098

  • Policies for the dynamic traveling maintainer problem with alerts
    da Costa, P., Verleijsdonk, P., Voorberg, S., Akcay, A., Kapodistria, S., van Jaarsveld, W. & Zhang, Y., European Journal of Operational Research. 305, 3, p. 1141-1152

  • Central limit theorem for the principal eigenvalue and eigenvector of Chung-Lu random graphs
    Dionigi P., Garlaschelli D., Hollander W.T.F. den, Hazra R.S. & Mandjes M., Journal of Physics: Complexity 4(1): 015008.

  • Integer programming models for round robin tournaments
    van Doornmalen, M. J., Hojny, C., Lambers, R. & Spieksma, F. C. R., 18 (E-pub ahead of print) European Journal of Operational Research. 310, 1

  • Real-Time Integrated Learning and Decision Making for Cumulative Shock Degradation
    Drent, C., Drent, M., Arts, J. J. & Kapodistria, S., Manufacturing & Service Operations Management. 25, 1, p. 235-253

  • Exact results for the order picking time distribution under return routing
    Engels, T; Adan, I; Bosma, O.J.; Resing, J, Operations Research Letters 51(2), pp.179-186, 2023

  • Immunized Patients Face Reduced Access to Transplantation in the Eurotransplant Kidney Allocation System

    de Ferrante, H., Smeulders, B. M. L., Tieken, I., Heidt, S., Haasnoot, G., Frans, C., Vogelaar, S. & Spieksma, F. C. R., (E-pub ahead of print) In: Transplantation

  • Utility maximizing load balancing policies
    Goldsztajn, D., Borst, S. C. & van Leeuwaarden, J. S. H., Stochastic Systems. 13, 2, p. 211-246

  • Local limits of spatial inhomogeneous random graphs
    van der Hofstad, R.W., van der Hoorn, P., Maitra, N., Advances in Applied Probability 5(3), p 793-840, 2023

  • Unified approach for solving exit problems for additive-increase and multiplicative-decrease processes
    Van Der Hofstad, R., Kapodistria, S., Palmowski, Z. & Shneer, S., Journal of Applied Probability. 60, 1, p. 85-105
  • Externalities in the M/G/1 queue: LCFS-PR versus FCFS
    Jacobovic, R., Levering, N. & Boxma, O., Queueing Systems. 104, 3-4, p. 239-267
  • Road Traffic Estimation and Distribution-Based Route Selection
    Kamphuis, R. Mandjes, M.R.H, Serra, P. SSRN Electronic Journal
  • Workload analysis of a two-queue fluid polling model
    Kapodistria, S., Saxena, M., Boxma, O. J. & Kella, O,  Journal of Applied Probability. 60, 3, p. 1003-1030

  • Orthogonal schedules in single round robin tournaments

    Lambers, R., Briët, J., Patel, V., Spieksma, F. & Yıldız, M. A., Sept 2023, Operations Research Letters. 51, 5, p. 528-532

  • Fork–join and redundancy systems with heavy-tailed job sizes

    Raaijmakers, Y., Borst, S. & Boxma, O., Queueing Systems. 103, 1-2, p. 131-159

  • Parallel Photonic Convolutional Processing On-chip with Cross-connect Architecture and Cyclic AWGs
    Shi, B., Calabretta, N. & Stabile, R., IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics. 29, 2, 10 p., 7400310.

  • Working memory performance in glioma patients is associated with functional connectivity between the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and default mode network
    Smolders, L., De Baene, W., van der Hofstad, R., Florack, L. & Rutten, G-J., Journal of Neuroscience Research.