Articles 2016


  • Analysis and optimization of vacation and polling models with retrials
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  • The shorter queue polling model
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  • Large deviations for power-law thinned Lévy processes
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  • A queuing model with a randomized depletion of inventory
    Albrecher, H., Boxma, O.J., Essifi, R. & Kuijstermans, R. Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences.
  • Distance-Sensitive planar point location
    Aronov, B., de Berg, M., Eppstein, D., Roeloffzen, M., Speckmann, B. Computational Geometry Theory & Applications 54:17-31.
  • Transform-based evaluation of prices and Greeks of lookback options driven by Levy processes
    Asghari, N. and Mandjes, M.R.H. Journal of Computational Finance, Vol. 20(2), pp.
  • A functional central limit theorem for a Markov-Modulated infinite-server queue
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  • Distinguishing two probability ensembles with one sample from each ensemble
    Antunes, L.F.C., Buhrman, H., Matos, A., Souto, A., Teixeira, A. 
Theory Comput. Syst. 59(3): 517-531 (2016).

  • Distance-sensitive planar point location
    Aronov, B., de Berg, M., Roeloffzen, M., and Speckmann, B. Computational Geometry: Theory and Application 54: 17—31 (2016)

  • A class of random walks in reversible dynamic environments: antisymmetry and applications to the East model
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  • Hierarchical space decompositions for low-density scenes
    De Berg, M.T. In M.-Y. Kao (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Algorithms (pp. 909-914). New York: Springer
  • Straight-path queries in trajectory data
    de Berg, M. and Mehrabi, A.D. Journal of Discrete Algorithms 36:27—38 (2016).
  • Partitioning Perfect Graphs into Stars
    R. van Bevern, R. Bredereck, L. Bulteau, J. Chen, V. Froese, R. Niedermeier, and G.J. Woeginger. Journal of Graph Theory, June 2016.
  • Functional central limit theorems for Markov-modulated infinite-server systems
    Blom, J., de Turck, K. and Mandjes M.R.H. Mathematical Methods of Operations Research, Vol. 83, pp. 351-372.
    Exact algorithms for intervalizing coloured graphs
    Bodlaender, H. L. & van Rooij, J. M. M. Theory of Computing Systems, 58(2), 273-286.
  • A ck n 5-Approximation Algorithm for Treewidth
    Bodlaender, H.L. , Drange, P.G., Dreg, M.S., Fomin, F.V., Lokshtanov, D., Pilipczuk, M. SIAM Journal on Computing 45(2): 317-378 (2016).
  • Treewidth of Graphs
    Bodlaender, H.L. Encyclopedia of Algorithms 2016: 2255-2257
  • (Meta) Kernelization
    Bodlaender, H.L., Fomin, F.V., Lokshtanov, D., Penninkx, E., Saurabh, S. & Thilikos, D.M. Journal of the ACM, 63(5):44.
  • Kernelization, exponential lower bounds
    Bodlaender, H.L. . Encyclopedia of Algorithms 2016: 1013-1017
  • Mixing of the Glauber dynamics for the Ferromagnetic Potts model
    Bordewich, M., Greenhill, C., Patel, V. Random Structures and Algorithms 48 (2016), no. 1, 21–52

  • Evaluation of a Self-organized Traffic Light Policy
    Borm, M., Patch, B. J., Taimre, T., & Adan, I. (2016). In W. Knottenbelt, K. Wolter, A. Busic, M. Gribaudo, & P. Reinecke (Eds.), VALUETOOLS'15 Proceedings of the 9th EAI : International Conference on Performance Evaluation Methodologies and Tools . (pp. 135-136). Berlin, Germany.
  • A compound Poisson EOQ model for perishable items with intermittent high and low demand periods
    Boxma, O., Perry, D., Stadje, W. & Zacks, S. Annals of Operations Research, 1-21.
  • On a make-to-stock production/mountain model with hysteretic control
    Boxma, O.J., Lopker, A.H. & Perry, D. Annals of Operations Research, 241(1), 53-82.
  • An ASIP model with general gate opening intervals
    Boxma, O.J. , Kella, O., and Yechiali, U. Queueing sSstems, 84, 1-20.
  • On a class of reflected AR(1) processes
    Boxma, O.J., Mandjes, M., & Reed, J. Journal of Applied Probability, 53(3), 818-832.
  • A queueing/inventory and an insurance risk model
    Boxma, O.J., Essifi, R. & Janssen, A.J.E.M. Advances in Applied Probability, 48(4), 1139-1160.
  • Special volume on ‘methodological advances in queueing theory’ of the first ECQT conference
    Boxma, O.J. & Walraevens, J. Queueing Systems: Theory and Applications, 82(1-2), 5-6.
  • Are there any nicely structured preference~profiles~nearby?
    R. Bredereck, J. Chen, G. J. Woeginger. Mathematical Social Sciences 79, 2016, 61-73.
  • Tight hardness of the non-commutative Grothendieck problem
    Briët, J., Regev, O. and Saket R. Theory of Computing (to appear).
  • Annealed scaling for a charged polymer
    Caravenna, F., den Hollander, F., Petrelis, N., Poisat, J. Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Geometry 19 (2016), Article 2, 1–87.
  • Towards a reverse Newman's theorem in interactive Information complexity. Brody, J., Buhrman, H., Koucký, M., Loff, B., Speelman, F.,  Vereshchagin, N.K. 
Algorithmica 76(3): 749-781 (2016).

  • Clean quantum and classical communication protocols

    H. Buhrman, M. Christandl, C. Perry, J. Zuiddam, Physical Review Letters, 117, 230503.
  • Switching edges to randomize networks: what goes wrong and how to fix it
    Carstens C. J. and Horadam, K. J. Journal of Complex Networks (2016). 
  • Linearizable special cases of the QAP
    E. Cela, V.G. Deineko & G.J. Woeginger. Journal of Combinatorial Optimization 31, 2016, 1269-1279.
  • Stochastic bounds for order flow times in parts-to-picker warehouses with remotely located order-picking workstations
    Claeys, D., Adan, I.J.B.F. & Boxma, O.J. European Journal of Operational Research, 254(3), 895-906.
  • The winner takes it all
    Deijfen, M. and van der Hofstad, R. Annals of Applied Probability. 26(4): 2419--2453, (2016)
  • Generalized random sequential adsorption on Erdos-Renyi random graphs
    Dhara, S., van Leeuwaarden, J.S.H. & Mukherjee, D. Journal of Statistical Physics, 164(5), 1217–1232-1217–1232.
  • Metastability for Glauber dynamics on random graphs
    Dommers, S., den Hollander, F. and Nardi, F. To appear in The Annals of Applied Probability.
  • Ising critical behavior of inhomogeneous Curie-Weiss and annealed random graphs
    Dommers, S, Giardinà, C., Giberti, C., van der Hofstad, R. and Prioriello M.L. Communications in Mathematical Physics 348 (1): 221-263, (2016).
  • Server waiting times in in finite supply polling systems with preparation times
    Dorsman, J. L., Perel, N. and Vlasiou, M. Probability in the Engineering and Informational Sciences, 30(2), p. 153-184.
  • Routing policies for a partially observable two-server queueing system
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  • Parabolic Anderson model in a dynamic random environment: random conductances
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  • Connectivity threshold for random subgraphs of the Hamming graph
    Federico L., van der Hofstad, R., Hulshof, T. Electronic Communications in Probability,
    Volume 21 (2016), paper no. 27, 8 pp.
  • Analysing queueing behaviour in void-avoiding fibre-loop optical buffers
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  • Generalized approach to the non-backtracking lace expansion
    Fitzner, R. & van der Hofstad, R.W. Probability Theory and Related Fields, pp 1-79.
  • LTE-A compliant multi-band radio and gigabit/s baseband transmission over 50m of 1mm core diameter GI-POF for in-home networks
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  • Multiband LTE-A and 4-PAM signals over large-core plastic fibers for in-home networks
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  • Annealed central limit theorems for the Ising model on random graphs
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  • The focus of attention problem
    Goossens, D; Polyakovskiy, S; Spieksma, F.C.R.; Woeginger, G.J. Algorithmica, Vol. 74, No. 2, p.559-. ISSN 0178-4617.
  • On the random structure of behavioural transition systems
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  • Parameterized traveling salesman problem: beating the average
    Gutin, G.; Patel, V. In: SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics (30)1, 2016, pp 220-238
  • Strongly reinforced Pólya urns with graph-based competition
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  • Finding shortest paths between graph colourings

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  • Modelling livelihoods and household resilience to droughts using Bayesian networks
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  • Universality of load balancing schemes on the diffusion-scale
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  • Epidemic spreading on complex networks with community structures
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