Prof.dr. Gerhard Woeginger

Algorithmics, complexity, combinatorial optimization.


Eindhoven University of Technology

Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
P.O. Box 513
5600 MB  Eindhoven

The Netherlands

Email: g.woeginger at



Gerhard Woeginger is a full professor in mathematics at the TU Eindhoven.
His research interests are in Discrete Mathematics, Operations Research
and Foundations of Computer Science, and are mainly centered around
algorithms and complexity.  Concrete topics are approximation, scheduling,
competitive analysis of online algorithms, parameterized complexity,
graph theory; recently also computational social choice.

1982-1987 Diplom in Applied Mathematics at the TU Graz, Austria. 1991 Ph.D.
(supervisor Franz Rendl). 1995 Habilitation in Discrete Mathematics and
in Foundations of Computer Science, also in Graz.  2001-2004 Full Professor
of Discrete Mathematics and Mathematical Programming at University Twente,

Editorial board member of 12 journals (Mathematics of Operations Research;
Journal of Computer and System Sciences; etc).  Program committee chair
of the conferences ESA'1997, ICALP'2003, MAPSP'2005, EURO'2009, IPCO'2011,