Articles 2021


  • Fine-grained Complexity Analysis of Two Classic TSP Variants 

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  • Removing depth-order cycles among triangles: an algorithm generating triangular fragments

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  • Solving a time-indexed formulation for an unrelated parallel machine scheduling problem by preprocessing and cutting planes 
    Berghman, L.,Spieksma, F. C. R. & T'kindt, V.,RAIRO - Operations Research. 55,pp S1747-S1765 
  • Modelling and optimisation in European Kidney Exchange Programmes  
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  • Bounds for expected supremum of fractional Brownian motion with drift

    Bisewski, K. L., Dębicki, K., & Mandjes, M. R. H., Journal of Applied Probability, 58(2), pp 411-427

  • Local improvement algorithms for a path packing problem: A performance analysis based on linear programming

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  • Single-server queues under overdis- persion in the heavy-traffic regime

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  • Optimal algorithms for scheduling under time-of-use tariffs

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  • Pass-and-swap queues

    Comte, C., & Dorsman, J-P, Queueing Systems 98, pp 275–331

  • A spectral signature of breaking of ensemble equivalence for constrained random graphs

    Dionigi P., Garlaschelli D., Hollander W.T.F. den & Mandjes M., Electronic Communications in Probability 26, pp 1-15

  • A Turing kernelization dichotomy for structural parameterizations of F-Minor-Free Deletion
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  • Sampling hypergraphs with given degrees

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  • The transportation problem with conflicts
    Ficker, A. M. C., Spieksma, F. C. R. & Woeginger, G. J., Annals of Operations Research. 298(1-2), pp 207-227 
  • Parameter estimation for multivariate population processes: a saddlepoint approach

    M. de Gunst, S. Hautphenne, M. Mandjes, and B. Sollie, Stochastic Models 37, pp 168-196.

  • Maximum parsimony distance on phylogenetic trees: A linear kernel and constant factor approximation algorithm

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  • Scaling limits for closed product-form queueing networks

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  • A flexible and optimal approach for appointment scheduling in healthcare

    Kuiper, A., Mandjes, M. R. H., de Mast, J., & Brokkelkamp, R., Decision Sciences 2021, pp 1-16

  • The problem of appointment scheduling in outpatient clinics: A multiple case study of clinical practice
    Kuiper, A., de Mast, J., & Mandjes, M. R. H.Omega 98, pp 102122  
  • Hypothesis testing for a L ́evy-driven storage system by Poisson sampling  

    M. Mandjes and L. Ravner g. Stochastic Processes and Their Applications 133, pp. 41-73.

  • A note on equitable Hamiltonian cycles 
    Ophelders, T.,Lambers, R.,Spieksma, F. C. R.&Vredeveld, T.,Discrete Applied Mathematics.303(XX) , pp 127-136 
  • A Novel Algorithm for Region-to-Region Tractography in Diffusion Tensor Imaging

    Smolders, L., Sengers, R., Fuster, A., de Berg, M. & Florack, L., Computational Diffusion MRI : 12th International Workshop, CDMRI 2021; LNIP13006, pp 71-81

  • Using feedback to mitigate coordination and threshold problems in iterative combinatorial auctions 
    Vangerven, B., Goossens, D. R. & Spieksma, F. C. R., Business & Information Systems Engineering. 63(2), pp 113-127 
  • Applicability of several rooted phylogenetic network algorithms for representing the evolutionary history of SARS-CoV-2

    Wallin, R., van Iersel, L., Kelk, S. & Stougie, L., BMC Ecology and Evolution. 21, pp 1-14