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  • CANCELLED: Fixed-Parameters Computational Geometry III

    A recent trend in algorithms research is the study of so-called fixed- parameter tractability (FPT) of computational problems.

  • Online NETWORKS day

    On Thursday 14 May 2020, the 12th NETWORKS day is organized. This will be an online event for all members and affiliated members.   

  • CANCELLED: YEP XVII Interacting Particle Systems; duality, scaling limits and invariant measures

    The theory of Interacting Particle Systems focuses on the dynamics of systems consisting of a large or infinite number of entities, in which the mechanism of evolution is random and follows simple, local rules.

  • CANCELLED: Graph Limits

    The workshop will address both the basic theory and the applications of graph limits, focussing on graphons and graphexes, as well as various applications.


  • Networks Match Making Event

    From Monday 20 January to Wednesday 22 January 2020 a Networks Match Making event will take place in conference center Kaap Doorn in Doorn. This event will bring together researchers from the social sciences, the economic sciences, mathematics and computer science working on networks, in order to provide opportunities for valuable synergy.