Upcoming events

  • PhD Defense Lorenzo Federico

    Lorenzo Federico will defend his PhD thesis entitled 'Phase transitions and connectivity in random graphs' on March 9th, 2020.


  • 12th Networks - day

    On Wednesday March 11th, the 12th NETWORKS-day is organized by Onno Boxma and Jop Briët.


  • Graph Limits

    The workshop will address both the basic theory and the applications of graph limits, focussing on graphons and graphexes, as well as various applications.


  • YEP XVII: Interacting Particle Systems; duality, scaling limits and invariant measures

    The theory of Interacting Particle Systems focuses on the dynamics of systems consisting of a large or infinite number of entities, in which the mechanism of evolution is random and follows simple, local rules.

  • Fixed-Parameters Computational Geometry III

    A recent trend in algorithms research is the study of so-called fixed- parameter tractability (FPT) of computational problems.