Upcoming events

  • Random Media and Random Fields

    From 26 to 30 August the workshop "Random Media and Random Fields" is organised at the Lorentz Center in Leiden. 

  • Random Graphs and Complex Networks

    The workshop Random Graphs and Complex Networks will be held from 2 - 4 September 2024 at EURANDOM in Eindhoven. This workshop focusses on recent results on the structure of random graphs, and touches upon processes on, and algorithms for, them.

  • Interacting particles in the continuum

    The goal of the workshop Interacting particles in the continuum from 9 - 13 September is to bring together researchers that work on various aspects of stochastic interacting systems in continuous space. This includes for example interacting particles in the continuum, their equilibrium and metastable behavior as well as stochastic dynamics of such systems.

  • NETWORKS day

    The next NETWORKS day will take place on Friday 20 September. This event will be combined with an evening celebration honoring the work of the Abel Prize winner.

  • Massive Data Models and Computational Geometry

    The last decade has seen an explosion of available data. To analyze the enormous amount of accrued data, classical algorithms are often not appropriate. The data often comes with an additional geometric flavor, either from applications or from mapping the data to feature spaces. The aim of the workshop Massive Data Models and Computational Geometry from 23 -27 September 2024 in Bonn is to identify and explore new research directions at the interface of massive data models and computational geometry, through fruitful discussions leading to potential collaborations.

  • DDQC III - Data-driven techniques in Operations Research

    The Data-Driven Queueing Challenges conference, DDQC III, will be in-person for the first time over 11-13 November, 2024 at Eurandom in Eindhoven. The conference will bring together researchers with backgrounds in operations management, statistics, stochastic modelling, data science and control to discuss contemporary queueing-related challenges. 


    On 14 November a satellite workshop will take place. This workshop will be dealing with problems at the interface of statistics, decision & control and complex networks.