Public presentations 2017


  • Congestion analysis of unsignalized intersections: The impact of impatience and Markov platooning
    Abhishek, 42th Conference on The Mathematics of Operations Research, Lunteren, January 2017
  • Waiting time and heavy-tra?ffic analysis of M^X/G/1 type queuing models with dependent service durations
    Abhishek, 19th INFORMS Applied Probability Society Conference (APS), Evanston, July 2017
  • Heavy traffic analysis of a polling model with retrials and reservation periods

    Abidini, M.A., APS INFORMS Conference 2017, Evanston IL, USA

  • A taste of randomness and disorder for lunch

    Avena, L., Invited lunch lecture for De LeidscheFlesch student association, 5 April 2017, Leiden, The Netherlands

  • Data sets on networks: some probabilistic tools

    Avena, L., Invited speaker for the series of lectures ‘This week’s discoveries’ , 28 November 2017, Leiden University, Faculty of Science, Leiden, The Netherlands

  • Detecting Markov chain instability:  A Monte Carlo approach
    Patch, B., seminar ‘Applied Probability for Lunch’, 30 November 2017,  IBM TJ Watson Research Center
  • Linear population processes with total catastrophes and migrations
    Patch, B.,  conference ‘Applied Probability at the Rock’, 18 April 2017, Ayers Rock Resort
  • Algoritmes in ons dagelijks leven

    Carstens, C.J., Leve de wiskunde!, 7 April 2017, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Percolation on scale-free networks

    Dhara, S., LCN2 Seminar, June 2017, Leiden University, The Netherlands

  • Critical percolation on the Hamming graph

    Federico, L., 47th Probability Summer School, 7 July 2017, Saint-Flour, France

  • Critical percolation on the Hamming graph

    Federico, L., BME Sztochasztika Szeminárium, 9 November 2017, Budapest, Hungary

  • Critical percolation on the Hamming graph

    Federico, L., "Network Models: Structure and Function ", 10 December 2017, Oberwolfach, Germany

  • A Bitcoin-inspired infinite-server model with interacting customers

    Frolkova, M., INFORMS Applied  Probability Society Conference, July 2017, Evanston, IL, USA

  • Dynamics of graphs and on graphs
    Güldas, H., "Network Models: Structure and Function ", 11 December 2017, Oberwolfach, Germany
  • Queueing systems in a random environment: asymptotic analysis and MOL staffing

    Heemskerk, M., 19th INFORMS Applied Probability Society Conference, Evanston, IL, USA, 11 July 2017

  • Complex Networks: Challenges and Perspectives

    den Hollander, F., Studium Generale, Leiden University, 6 lectures jointly with M. Emmerich and D. Garlaschelli in March and April 2017


    Mandjes, M., Webklas Wiskunde, University of Amsterdam, 20 December 2017

  • An infinite server queueing system with heterogeneous servers and finite capacity

    Ravner, L., Dutch-Israeli Applied Probability Workshop 2017, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

  • Pricing Strategy, Capacity Level and Collusion in a Market with Delay Sensitivity

    Ravner, L., INFORMS Revenue Management and Pricing Conference 2017, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  • Equilibrium and efficient clustering of arrival times to a queue

    Ravner, L., ORSIS (Operations Research Society Israel) Annual Conference 2017, Ramat-Gan, Israel

  • Large deviation theory in statistical physics: Recent advances and future challenges

    Roccaverde, A., ICTS Bangalore, August-September 2017
  • Power-law of cascading failures in power systems

    Sloothaak, F., 19th INFORMS Applied Probability Society Conference, Evanston, IL, USA, 12 July 2017

  • Blog on Kennislink: Science of Faces
    Hoe ziet jouw Facebook netwerk eruit?
    Clara Stegehuis. 
    Hoe gaat jouw YouTubevideo viral?
    Clara Stegehuis.
  • Understanding Participants: Research on Participant Motivation and How to Use It in Practice

    Land-Zandstra, A. & de Vries, M., Presentation at the Citizen Science Association Conference 2017 in Twin Cities, Minnesota, USA