YEQT X: Queueing Theory in Operations Research

Location: Eurandom Eindhoven

Date: 7-9 November 2016

Organizers: Jan-Pieter Dorsman (University of Amsterdam and Leiden University), Britt Mathijsen

(Eindhoven University of Technology), Galit Yom-Tov (Technion)

Number of participants: 67


The tenth edition in the series of Young European Queueing Theorists (YEQT) workshops took place at Eurandom, Eindhoven University of Technology, on 07-09 November 2016.


The YEQT workshops are organized annually by the EURANDOM research institute for stochastics located at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. The aim of these workshops is to bring together young researchers (recently appointed lecturers or assistant professors, post-docs and senior PhD students) and renowned scientists, to share and discuss research in operations research, applied probability and related areas.

The theme of this year’s YEQT workshop was ‘Queueing theory in Operations Research’. As such, the presentations of the workshop were focused on the discussion of research that uses understanding gained from queueing theory to help make better decisions in a variety of fields of operations. Many presentations were given applying queueing theory in a field of many OR-related applications, such as communication networks, energy systems, service systems, transportation systems and healthcare. The program of the workshop covered 3 days, and included three keynote presentations of one hour each.


Next to the 18 speakers and 3 organisers, 46 other researchers participated in the workshop, bringing the total number of participants to 67. The participants formed an international community, spanning many nationalities. The feedback received from the participants after the workshop was very positive.