2016 International Workshop on Structure in Graphs and Matroids

Location: Eurandom, Eindhoven

Date: 25-29 July 2016

Organizers: Stefan van Zwam (Louisiana State University), Rudi Pendavingh (TU Eindhoven)

Number of participants: 56



WSiGM was the second workshop of its kind, after a firstworkshop held in Princeton in 2014.
The aim of the workshop was to bring together leading researchers in Graph theory and Matroid theory working on the structures which arise from excluding 'minors' from graphs/matroids. Furthermore the workshop was ment to encourage communication and collaboration between these researchers, and to bring a new generation of researchers up to date with the exciting developments in the fields.



All participants were invited to present their work and if so, to submit an abstract. They could indicate whether they wanted a regular time-slot of 30 minutes or a 15-minute talk. The latter type of talk was created to allow for short introductory talks of beginning PhD's, for presenting conjectures, or for updates of work that had already been covered. After reviewing the submitted abstracts 5 participants were asked to extend their talk to a 1-hour presentation, based on merit and on closeness to the central topics of the workshop. The final programme consisted of 44 presentations (11 short, 25 regular, 5 long).

The 5 longer presentations we selected were:

  • Jim Geelen, Fragility for binary matroids
  • Kristina Vuskovic, Coloring square-free Berge graphs
  • Nathan Bowler, Innite regular matroids
  • Zdenek Dvorak, Tw-fragility and some related questions
  • Geo Whittle, Proving Rotas Conjecture without Structure Theory

The workshop was attended by 56 participants from across the globe, of which 16 were PhD students.


For schedule and abstracts see the website of the Matroid Union.