TACO day 2015

Location: EURANDOM, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Date: March 2015
Organizers: Hans Bodlaender (University Utrecht, TU Eindhoven)
Number of participants: 30


In March 2015, a day of lectures on Treewidth and Combinatorial Optimization was held. 


Treewidth is a measure of graphs and networks and plays a central role in many modern studies in algorithmics, graph theory, and applications of networks. The lectures in this day all had this notion as common theme. There were around 30 participants, mostly from the following universities:Eindhoven (from mathematics and from computer science), Utrecht (from mathematics and from computer science), Aachen (from mathematics and from computer science), and from Maastricht (from business and economics and from humanities and sciences). In addition, some international visitors came to the meeting.

The eight lectures were well presented and showcased very recent research. At one hand, there was the common theme of treewidth, but seen from very diverse angles: algorithm design and complexity theory, decision support networks, random graph theory, and logic.