SemStat on Statistical Network Science 2017

Location: Eurandom Eindhoven

Date: 7-10 March 2017

Organizers: Ernst C. Wit (University of Groningen), Remco van der Hofstad (TU/e)

Number of participants: 52


From 7-10 March 2017, a SEMSTAT was organized by Ernst C. Wit and Remco van der Hofstad (TU/E) in Euroandom (TU/e). There were 52 participants, 34 of whom were sponsored by the EU COST Network “COSTNET” (CA15109) on Statistical Network Science, chaired by Ernst C. Wit. The participants, who were mainly at PhD or postdoctoral level came from 17 different countries within Europe.

By having this activity organized in the Netherlands a large number of Dutch postdocs and PhD students attended the event. Its clear relevance to the currently gravity programme NETWORKS and COST programme COSTNET, generated a lot of interest from within the country. Approximately 20 of the 52 participants were from Dutch universities.