• NETWORKS publishes 2nd Annual Report

    The second year of NETWORKS, since its start in 2014, has again been a prosperous one. The results are to be found in the Annual Report of 2015.


  • 1 Billion euros for Harry Buhrman for Quantum Flagship

    The European Commission has proposed to invest one billion euros in a Quantum Flagship, a large-scale European research programme for quantum technology. Within the Quantum Flagship, researchers from various fields will further knowledge on quantum mechanics and bring new applications to the market.


  • Networks subject of Summer Course for mathematics teachers 2016

    The huge importance of networks and the great mathematical aspects related to this subject are emphasized again by the fact that this year ‘Networks’ are the subject of the 70th Summer Course for mathematics teachers, which will be organized by Platform Wiskunde Nederland on 26/27 August and 2/3 September 2016.


  • Johan van Leeuwaarden gives lectures for 'Universiteit van Nederland'

    Since the public recordings of the first lecture for the 'Universiteit van Nederland' on 18 November 2015, Johan van Leeuwaarden has given several other lectures.


  • First interactive PhD colloquium big succes

    With a total of 27 participants, the first edition of the NETWORKS interactive PhD colloquium was a big succes.

  • Johan van Leeuwaarden in NRC

    Optimizing use of infrastructure preferable to extension of the road network.

    5 January 2016


  • Back-to-School day Lunteren

    Jointly with Gregor Brandt (ORTEC), Michel Mandjes has organized the "Back to school day", which is part of the annual Dutch operations research conference.


  • NETWORKS launches new website

    As part of the NETWORKS project a “the Network Pages” has been launched.


  • NETWORKS forges new international relationships

    In the past year, NETWORKS has forged connections with the University of Bath (United Kingdom) and with ACEMS (Australia) in the interest of advancing international collaboration. Last Tuesday representatives of  NETWORKS and the University of Bath met each other to explore the possibilities for collaboration.


  • First NETWORKS Training Week a big success

    From August 24—28 the first Networks Training Week took place in Woudschoten, a beautiful conference center in the center of the Netherlands, near Zeist. In total 41 PhD students, postdocs and faculty members gathered to hear Mark de Berg and Remco van der Hofstad lecture on computational geometry and on random graphs.