NETWORKS publishes 2nd Annual Report

The second year of NETWORKS, since its start in 2014, has again been a prosperous one. The results are to be found in the Annual Report of 2015.


Whereas the first year most effort was focused on setting up the programme’s scientific and Cover annual report Networksorganizational structure, in the second year attention shifted to the scientific content of the programme. The PhD projects started,  co-supervised by researchers from different NETWORKS institutes with different scientific backgrounds. In addition a training week was organized for the full NETWORKS team, with the aim of educating talented young researchers and get them acquainted with the basic concepts and tools from both stochastics and algorithmics.
Also NETWORKS’ scientific board was installed.


NETWORKS has succeeded in recruiting an extremely gifted group of young researchers, as also witnessed by the NWO-Veni grants and a TKI Wind op Zee grant, that were awarded to some of them.
The second major hiring effort concerned recruiting temporary staff. With 11 PhD students and 3 postdocs appointed in 2015 the total of 20 PhD students and 6 postdocs has been reached since the start in 2014.


The first results of the interaction between the various group members are emerging.


Read more about the developments in the Annual Report 2015.