Rowel Gündlach, MSc

random graphs, stochastic processes, decisions under uncertainty


Eindhoven University of Technology

P.O. Box 513


The Netherlands


Email: r.c.gundlach at


Rowel received his BSc (2014) and MSc (2017) in applied mathematics at the TU/e. His main interest during his studies were random graphs, stochastic processes and decisions under uncertainty. He started his PhD in September 2019 and is supervised by Stella Kapodistria (daily supervisor) and Remco van der Hofstad (promotor).

The main inspiration for the PhD project followed from an internship on maintenance problems with stochastic failure thresholds (under supervision of Stella Kapodistria) and his master thesis on the local weak limit of the minimal spanning tree on the configuration model (under supervision of Remco van der Hofstad).

During the PhD we aim to continue the line of research we set up both in the internship and graduation project but also leave room for new projects and ideas that combine both maintenance, decisions under uncertainty and application on or with random graphs.