NWO-GROOT grant for OPTIMAL project

In the NWO Open Competition ENW-GROOT programme, a grant has been awarded to the project ‘Optimization for and with Machine Learning’, in which Leen Stougie, Nikhil Bansal and Monique Laurent are involved. The NWO Open Competition ENW-GROOT programme is intended for consortia in which research groups create added value through collaboration.



Leen Stougie (NETWORKS project team), Nikhil Bansal (NETWORKS affiliated) and Monique Laurent (NETWORKS affiliated)



Optimization for and with Machine Learning (OPTMIMAL)

Machine learning is often in the news because of remarkable applications such as image recognition and self-driving cars. When constructing machine learning models, such as deep learning and random forests, mathematical optimization plays an important role. In the first project part we want to better understand the performance of existing optimization techniques for machine learning and also develop faster and better optimization techniques. In the second part we use machine learning techniques to solve optimization problems faster and more accurately. The new techniques are applied to classification problems for medical treatments, finding genetic relationships, food distribution chains for the World Food Programme, and self-driving cars.


The project is coordinated by Tilburg University, with participants at TUD, Tilburg University and CWI. Leen Stougie, Monique Laurent and Nikhil Bansal from CWI are all closely related to NETWORKS.


You can find the press release on the NWO website.