Mathematician Clara Stegehuis one of the new ‘Faces of Science’

PhD student Clara Stegehuis, affiliated to NETWORKS, has been chosen as one of the twelve new ‘Faces of Science’. These young talents, chosen by the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), will relate about their daily ins and outs as a scientist in movies and blogs.


Faces of Science is a project initiated by 'KNAW', ‘De Jonge Akademie’ and ‘NEMO Kennislink’ with Stegehuis- clara_eeaffb6962the purpose of highlighting young talented scientists. In their blogs, to be found on, they share their experiences and passions to give a realistic picture of being a scientist, mainly to young potential students. Besides this they perform regularly at meetings and in the media.


Stegehuis was proposed as a nominee to KNAW by her supervisor and Jong Akademie member Johan van Leeuwaarden. She is looking forward

to the opportunities that this stage will offer: “I love to show people, and particularly high-school students, how beautiful mathematics and science are.


As a student Stegehuis was already involved in giving information to and organizing mathematics contest for high-school students. As a PhD student she continued this road as a host at a mathematics exposition and as speaker in a theatre performance. The subject of her PhD research is complex networks.