NETWORKS forges new international relationships

In the past year, NETWORKS has forged connections with the University of Bath (United Kingdom) and with ACEMS (Australia) in the interest of advancing international collaboration. Last Tuesday representatives of  NETWORKS and the University of Bath met each other to explore the possibilities for collaboration.



SAMBa is the Centre of Doctoral Training in Statistical Applied Mathematics of the University of Bath. SAMBa and NETWORKS share the goal of educating young people (mainly PhD students) with a broader view and fostering collaboration. Scientifically they share interest in randomness, complexity, numerics, large systems and large data. The conclusion of the meeting was that there is a firm basis to organise joint activities, such as the participation of PhD students in the training programmes of both SAMBa and NETWORKS, mutual internships and the organisation of joint conferences and workshops.



In addition to SAMBa, NETWORKS has initiated a collaboration with the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS). ACEMS is a consortium of Australian researchers in mathematics, statistics and machine learning that focuses on the development of new methods for the analysis of data with theoretical, methodological and computational foundations provided by advanced mathematical and statistical modelling. A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by NETWORKS and ACEMS regarding their collaboration.


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