Interacting particles in the continuum

The goal of the workshop Interacting particles in the continuum from 9 - 13 September is to bring together researchers that work on various aspects of stochastic interacting systems in continuous space. This includes for example interacting particles in the continuum, their equilibrium and metastable behavior as well as stochastic dynamics of such systems.

A special focus of the workshop also lies on the influence of geometry in natural random objects such as Brownian motion, Gibbs point processes and interacting Markovian systems. This EURANDOM event thrives to provide a platform for the lively exchange of national and international researchers on every career level. Ten dedicated 30 min contributed talks will be competitively distributed to young scientists based on abstract proposals.


Keynote speakers

Prof. Fabrice Baudoin, Aarhus University

Prof. Sabine Jansen, LMU Munich


More information and registration

For more information and the registration for, see EURANDOM's website


9 - 13 September 2024


EURANDOM's website





Den Dolech 2

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