TACO-day 2015

On March 16, 2015 there will be the TACO-day 2015. The day will feature lectures on topics, related to Treewidth.

The lecture will be held in the MetaForum Building of the Technical University Eindhoven. Coffee, tea, lunch and farewell drinks are in the Lounge Eurandom (4th floor MetaForum Building); lectures are in combined room MF-11 and MF-12, also at the 4th floor of the MetaForum Building.


Participation is free.



10.30   Coffee and Tea in Lounge Eurorandom (4th floor MetaForum Building)

11.00   Jesper Nederlof (Eindhoven): Subexponential time algorithms and lower bounds fo
            finding path and tree decompositions with few bags

11.30   Tom van der Zanden (Utrecht): Complexity of Nondeterministic Constraint Logic on
            Bounded Treewidth Graphs

12.00   Arnoud Pastink (Utrecht): Multidimensional Bayesian Network Classifyers with Small

12.30   Lunch

13.15   Bart Jansen (Eindhoven): On Sparsification for Computing Treewidth

14.00   Anshui Li (Utrecht): Treewidth of percolator grids and random geometry graphs

14.30   Coffee and Tea

15.00   Steven Kelk (Maastricht): Phylogenetic incongruence through the lens of treewidth

15.30   Fernando Sanchez Villaamil (Aachen): Treewidth from Treedepth

16.00   Lars Jaffke (Utrecht): Courcelle's Conjecture for Halin graphs and bounded degree k-
            outerplanar graphs

16.30   Drinks and farewell


About TACO - days

TACO-day is an annual meeting of about one day with lectures on "Tree Width and Combinatorial Optimization". The days began over ten years ago as project meetings of an NWO project, but have continued after the end of the project. TACO-day brings two areas together: FPT algorithms for graph-problems (originally based mainly on treewidth) and combinatorial optimization. Usually TACO-days are visited by around 20-30 scientists from a number of different universities, including Aachen, Maastricht, Utrecht and Eindhoven.


When: Monday March 16th, 2015
Time: 10:30 - 16:30
Where: Metaforum, TU Eindhoven

metaforum01Building Metaforum

TU Eindhoven


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