Recent Trends in Spatial Stochastic Processes

From 2 to 7 October the workshop "Recent Trends in Spatial Stochastic Processes" takes place at Eurandom in Eindhoven.

This workshop aims to bring together international researchers that study interacting random systems embedded in space, covering both theory and applications. The focus is on new developments in a wide range of associated research areas such as point-process theory, random graphs, percolation theory, random tessellations, first-passage percolation, random walks, interlacements, dynamical random networks and their related application areas, including wireless networks, interacting biological systems and mathematical physics.


The organisers are 

Pim van der Hoorn TU Eindhoven
Benedikt Jahnel TU Braunschweig & WIAS Berlin
Julia Komjathy TU Delft


For more information and registration, see the workshop's website






When: Monday October 3rd, 2022  -  Friday October 7th, 2022
Where: Eurandom, Eindhoven

Eurandom (TU/e)

Den Dolech 2

5612 AZ Eindhoven