6th Online NETWORKS Seminar Talk

The next seminar will take place on May 20th at 11:00. The speaker is Jan-Pieter Dorsman (UvA). The title of his talk is "Product-form queues and the pass-and-swap mechanism".

The monthly Seminar Talks are organised by Jop Briët, Stella Kapodistria and Martín Zubeldía.



1dorsmanSeveral new domains of research in the area of large-scale stochastic networks have emerged recently, triggered by modern applications such as redundancy scheduling in data centers and the optimal allocation of donor organs to patients. While these applications seem unrelated, it turns out that they share a common feature in that their underlying queueing models oftentimes have a product-form stationary distribution: they can be modelled as product-form queues. 


After giving a short introduction to product-form queues, we will consider the question of how large the class of product-form queues is. An important subclass is formed by the order-independent (OI) queue, introduced by Berezner, Kriel, and Krzesinski in 1995, which constitutes a family of multi-class queues with intricate class-dependent service rates that are known to have a product-form stationary distribution. We broaden this family by introducing pass-and-swap (P&S) queues, an extension of OI queues where, upon a service completion, the customer that completes service is not necessarily the one that leaves the system. We will show that P&S queues also have a product-form stationary distribution, enabling further performance evaluation. Time permitting, we will also focus on networks of P&S queues and their applications. 


This presentation is based on joint work with Céline Comte (TU/e). 

When: Thursday May 20th, 2021
Time: 11:00 - 12:00
Where: at home



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