NETWORKS Conference

On 3-4 June 2021 NETWORKS organises the second large conference in the framework of the NETWORKS programme. The Scientific Conterence consists of four research tracks: Quantum Networks, Robust Optimisation, Large Deviations, Scalable Network Algorithms and Performance.



Turquoise - wifi in stadSpeakers all over the world come to talk about different topics. 

More information on the programme and the speakers of the various tracks is shown below.


Thursday 3 June: Large deviatons

Keynote: Pietro Caputo, Universitá Roma Tre


The theory of large deviations is a branch of probability concerning probabilities of rare events as well as understanding the behaviour of distributions conditioned on rare events. It has many applications throughout a wide range of disciplines, including statistical physics, information theory and operations research.  This mini-workshop considers large deviations in the context of networks. Topics that will be covered include understanding the structures of random graphs conditioned on very high or very low subgraph counts, the breaking of ensemble equivalence in statistical physics, and the assessment of rare event in large stochastic networks.


Thursday 3 June: Robust Optimisation

Keynote: Dimitris Bertsimas, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Robust Optimization (RO) aims to generate solutions to optimization problems that are good for a wide range of realizations of parameter values. On one hand, RO has proven to be a very fruitful methodology allowing to protect a decision maker against uncertainty. On the other hand, there are still many fields where the use of advanced RO techniques may have a positive impact on the stability of solutions used. In this track, different aspects of Robust Optimization, both theoretical and applied, will be discussed; we trust that ensuing discussion will further advance the field, and hope to meet you at the symposium!


Friday 4 June: Quantum Networks

Keynote: David Peréz-García, Universidad Complutense de Madrid


This track is about network phenomena in quantum information science, a field whose main aim is to explore computational and information-theoretic aspects of quantum mechanics. Key examples include quantum algorithms for classical problems, for instance to study large graphs, networks of quantum systems, where strange interactions connect nodes of separated quantum systems, communication networks featuring quantum-enhanced channels or channels for transmitting quantum information itself, and computational complexity theory under the presence of quantum devices and agents.
These topics enjoy lively interactions with a broad range of mathematical areas, including combinatorics, functional analysis, algebra and probability. Some of the state of the art on these themes will be presented by world experts.


Friday 4 June: Scalable Network Algorithms and Performance

Keynote: Srikant, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Societal infrastructure networks continue to increase in size and complexity and tend to be subject to significant uncertainty and stochastic variability.  This raises an urgent need for algorithms which can provide excellent performance in large and complex networks and achieve high levels of efficiency in the presence of randomness.  Given the huge size of these networks, it is particularly critical that these algorithms only involve a limited computation effort and information exchange that can be sustained in large-scale operations.  This track features several talks on methods for analyzing and designing such scalable algorithms in a variety of settings.



The conference will take place online. So participants from all over the world with an interest in networks science are invited to participate. After registration, you will get the link and you can join every lecture you like!


For more information visit the NETWORKS conference website.

When: Thursday June 3rd, 2021  -  Friday June 4th, 2021
Time: 09:30 - 17:00
Where: online


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