Training Week 9

On 28 October-1 November 2019 NETWORKS organizes the ninth Training Week for PhD Students of NETWORKS.


Minicouse "A little algebra goes a long way: algebraic graph algorithms"

Lecturer: Jesper Nederlof



Abstract: Many natural computational graph problems can be solved in unexpected ways via elegant uses of elementary algebra, and often the resulting algorithms are the fastest known in the worst-case setting.


In this mini-course we discuss a selection of such algorithms.

We will see algorithms to detect matchings, cliques and shortest/longest paths.


In connection with Stella’s course, we also discuss how algebra can be used to enhance the performance of some dynamic programming algorithms.


Minicourse Exact and approximate solutions for decision making under uncertainty

Lecturer: Stella Kapodistria


SKapodistria-2014Abstract: We consider a class of stochastic dynamic programming (SDP) problems arising in the context of simple decision making (e.g., under which conditions to choose action A versus action B). Such SDP problems aim at deriving optimal policies. From a fundamental perspective, the difficulty of such SDP problems lies in deriving the optimal policy. From a numerical perspective, the difficulty lies in computing the policy (the curse of dimensionality). While, from a practical perspective, the difficulty lies in the stochastic modelling of all the relevant information (big data). 


In these series of lectures, I will give an overview of results covering all three perspectives. Furthermore, I will elaborate on how to built exact and approximate solutions using some stylised examples as vehicles of illustration. 



Conferentiecentrum De Schildkamp, Leerdamseweg 44, 4147 BM Asperen



The programme is available as pdf