Training Week 8

On 6-10 May 2019 NETWORKS organizes the eigth Training Week for PhD Students of NETWORKS.


Minicourse Practical Combinatorial Optimization

Lecturer: Frits Spieksma


spieksmaAbstract: Combinatorial Optimization is a field that provides structural and algorithmic insights for discrete problems that are relevant in many different application domains. In this training week, we intend to demonstrate this claim by identifying a number of specific applications. From these applications CO-problems emerge, and we will discuss their formulation and their hardness; in addition, we describe appropriate solution methods with their properties.


During these lectures we emphasize the need for understanding and using all structure that is present in the set of instances under study, and the unifying character that reductions have. Problems from the field of scheduling (round robin tournaments, conferences), set packing (kidney exchange), production and transportation will serve as illustration.


Mini-course Hyperbolic Stochastic Geometry

Lecturer: Tobias Müller


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Abstract: Most standard models in stochastic geometry are defined in euclidean d-space, but usually there is a natural analogue defined in hyperbolic space instead. These hyperbolic analogues tend display behaviour that is spectacularly different from their euclidean counterparts.


In this mini-course I will try to give an overview of the results in hyperbolic stochastic geometry with some emphasis on (hyperbolic) continuum percolation and Poisson-Voronoi diagrams, and on the intuition behind the results and proofs.



Conferentiecentrum Kaap Doorn, Postweg 9, 3941 KA Doorn