Second edition continues success of the interactive PhD colloquium

The second edition of the NETWORKS interactive PhD colloquium took place in Amsterdam. A total of 27 participants enjoyed lectures by four speakers on a wide variety of topics. The day was a great success that concluded with a social activity and dinner.


Day programme

The colloquium contained a good balance between algorithmic and stochastic topics: Astrid Pieterse introduced the concept of kernelization, Abhishek investigated the queue-length distribution of a single-server queue with batch arrivals and semi-Markov services,Tom Bannink introduced quantum walks to the group and Lorenzo Federico taught on percolation on finite graphs.


Evening programme

After the intellectualy stimulating lectures, in the evening participants were free to join for a photo tour and dinner. Everyone had a lot of fun strolling through the city in search of the designated locations (buildings, bridges or statues) that had to be captured on camera within an hour. Almost all the teams arrived at the final destination (restaurant Kapitein Zeppos) on time, with many interesting photographs and a fairly large appetite. The group is already looking forward to the next edition of the interactive PhD colloquium.


2nd interactive phd colloquium-2