YEQT XI: “Winterschool on Energy Systems”

The 11th edition of the YEQT workshop revolves around the theme “Stochastic Modeling and Analysis of Energy Networks”.


Power grids are indispensable and critical infrastructures for modern-day society. Due to recent technological advances, power grids need to evolve and become more flexible and resilient systems to contrast the increasing uncertainties and volatility in power generation. Many challenging research questions and opportunities arise in this research field, with great need of stochastic enrichment. The increasing penetration of renewable energy sources and the advent of energy storage demand improved forecasting methods, which in turn are fundamentally changing the structure and the design of energy markets. More sustainable fossil-free, yet reliable, energy generation and dispatch require better forecasting techniques and new algorithms that fully account for intrinsic uncertainties.


This year’s YEQT has a different structure than usual, being structured as a winter school: the workshop consists of several tutorials presented by six renowned researchers, providing a broad overview of various topics in this research field. Next to the tutorials, there will be opportunities for young researchers to present their own research work with talks and/or at the poster session.

This workshop is linked to the upcoming semester “The mathematics of energy systems”, which will be held at Newton Institute (Cambridge, UK) in 2019.


For more information and registration visit the Eurandom website.

When: Monday December 11th, 2017  -  Friday December 15th, 2017
Where: Eurandom, Eindhoven



TU Eindhoven

Den Dolech 2

5612 AZ Eindhoven