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PhD position in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering(TU/e)

The Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) invites you to apply for a PhD position.

Job description

At Eindhoven University of Technology, shared between the Electrical Engineering and Mathematics and Computer Science Departments, there is a vacancy for a PhD student. The intended supervisors are George Exarchakos (EE) and Remco van der Hofstad (MCS). The project will focus on distributed ways to measure centrality in networks, for example using the Game of Thieves protocol. In this protocol, several walkers run through the network looking for commodities, and, upon finding them, the commodities are moved to the starting point of the walks. The most central nodes are the ones that receive the least commodities. The aim of the project is to describe this centrality measure, possibly using local weak convergence techniques, as well as to study what happens when central nodes are being removed. We are also interested in the dynamical properties of this centrality measure, in particular what happens when the graph changes over time while the walkers run around on the network. 

We aim to approach these problems in a mathematically rigorous way, and we expect the candidate to have some experience in formally proving results. Some experience with simulations is welcome, though not required.

These questions are spurred by modern communication. Future communication networks are expected to be ultra dense in space and pervasive to our living spaces enabling far better coverage and higher bandwidth anywhere. Smart radio environments will play an important role to achieve this goal. Yet, their control has to become inherently distributed, autonomous and intelligent. The controllability of wireless mesh networks heavily depends on the properties of the graphs they form and their ability to coordinate in a local way. New intelligent methods are needed to achieve self-awareness of large-scale random wireless networks and to estimate the impact of a topology change. This project will study the fundamental models needed to achieve intelligence embedded at the nodes of the network. 

Job requirements

Preference will be given to candidates in any branch of applied mathematics and to candidates from a different background (e.g. engineering) but with strong mathematical foundation. Research experience will be highly valued. Strong knowledge of applied probability and analysis is highly desirable, as well as some programming experience.


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Closing Date: Tue 14 Apr 2020