Workshop "The Lorentz Gas"

From 19 to 23 December the workshop The Lorentz Gas takes place at The Lorentz Center in Leiden. 

The Lorentz gas is an idealized model of a solid proposed in 1905 by H.A. Lorentz to describe the thermal and electrical properties of metals (like iron). The nuclei of the atoms of the metal form a rectangular grid and the electrons move freely between them (as if they were part of an infinite pinball machine). A periodic Lorentz gas consists of unit mass particles moving and bouncing in a periodic grid of scatterers. The statistical properties of the spread (or diffusion) of the electrons through the grid remains a topic of interest to this day, because it determines the thermal and electrical conductivity of the metal.


The goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers from three areas: ergodic theory, statistical physics, probability theory.


The workshop is being organized by 

  • Dalia Terhesiu, Universiteit Leiden  
  • Frank den Hollander, Universiteit Leiden  
  • Luca Avena, Universiteit Leiden  
  • Ian Melbourne, University of Warwick  


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19-23 December 2022


For more detailed information and registration:

Visit the workshop's website


Lorentz Center
Niels Bohrweg 1 & 2
2333 CA Leiden