Prof.dr. Michel Mandjes

Stochastic networks, queueing theory, stochastic processes, operations research, large deviations, simulation, performance.


Faculteit der Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica
Korteweg-de Vries Instituut
POSTBUS  94248
1090 GE  Amsterdam

The Netherlands


Email: M.R.H.Mandjes at


Michel Mandjes performs research in the field of applied probability and stochastic operations research.


One of his current interests is in developing techniques to infer the characteristics of the stochastic processes that feed into a network, solely based on performance measurements. Such analyses require a thorough understanding of stochastic network theory and mathematical statistics. This branch of research includes projects performed jointly with Liron Ravner (Haifa University).


Another strand of research concerns traffic management mechanisms for road traffic networks. Typical problems concern the stochastic modelling of travel times, route selection for models with random per-route travel times, and routing algorithms for delivery services. In this area there is collaboration with Rene Bekker (VU), Sindo Nunez-Queija (UvA), and Marko Boon (TU/e).


In addition, recent research has focused on earning-and-learning (or explore-and-exploit) algorithms that aim at achieving regret minimisation. While previous research has predominantly focused on the single-resource setting, the network setting is large unexplored. A prototypical example concerns packet routing in a communication network, in which one could first explore the congestion levels at the various routes, before making the actual routing decision. In this area Mandjes collaborates with Arnoud den Boer (UvA).