Prof.dr. Sem Borst

Performance evaluation, stochastic networks, distributed algorithms, resource allocation.


Eindhoven University of Technology

Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
P.O. Box 513
5600 MB  Eindhoven
The Netherlands


Email: s.c.borst at


The research activities of Sem Borst (and the broader StochasticOperations Research group at TU/e) focus on evaluating and optimizing the performance and reliability of large-scale systems that operate under randomness and uncertainty. Typical examples of such systems are communication networks like the Internet, data centers, energy systems, supply chains, transportation networks and hospital operations. Although the specific features of these systems differ, strong commonalities arise from the increasingly heterogeneous characteristics and complex interactions on the one hand and highly stringent performance requirements and huge scalability challenges on the other hand. Furthermore, the advance of digital technology is yielding abundant historical and real-time data as well as massive computational power for analyzing and improving the performance of these systems.


While the research topics are strongly inspired by applications, the approach is foundational in nature and driven by mathematical rigor. Key methodological tools in the analysis are stochastic processes, random walks, queueing theory and asymptotic scaling methods. The optimization involves distributed control, resource allocation and scheduling algorithms, with data-driven optimization and stochastic learning techniques playing an increasingly prominent role as well.


Topics for possible PhD projects include load balancing and robust dimensioning in data centers and skill-based service systems, stochastic learning techniques for matching tasks with servers, data-driven optimization of resource allocation mechanisms, and design of efficient control algorithms for autonomous driving.